Mission and values

What is our reason for being?

Today’s market is full of products made with toxic and harmful substances to health and the environment. At NortemBio, we take a proactive approach about it and we make natural products based on organic and biodegradable substances. For this reason, our mission is to guarantee high quality, exceeding the expectations of our customers, offering natural and efficient products with many different uses and applications.


icono apuesta por lo natural

Rely on natural

At NortemBio we work every day to create ground-breaking and sustainable products, using natural substances to impact positively on our customers lives. We aim to guarantee, through the responsible use of organic and renewable material, the safety of our clients, biodiversity, and environmental protection, to keep moving forward generating economical value and social well-being.

icono sostenibilidad ambiental

Environmental sustainability

As well as concerning ourselves with offering natural and high-quality products to our customers, we are characterized for an innovation-based production process and optimizing energy and raw materials. We prioritize the usage of those renewable energies. Thanks to the organic and biodegradability of our products, we contribute to decreasing the environmental footprint and to achieving a more sustainable future.

icono no testado en animales

Not tested on animals

Besides the preservation of the environment, at NortemBio we rely on being socially responsible and are committed to all living things producing natural products that are not tested on animals.

icono máxima eficiencia

Maximum efficiency

At NortemBio we destroy that false myth about natural not being efficient. Thanks to our high-quality standard of all our products, we guarantee the maximum efficiency in every use and application.

icono solidaridad


At NortemBio we believe in what we call “Creation of shared-values”. We rely on a social business model, so every item sold a contribution is given to different charities and humanitarian causes. We are a step ahead in our commitment to society and provide an added value in the business activity we perform.